Whether you are 1 mile or 100 miles from our showroom, delocon is a privately owned company with 20+ years of dedication to providing quality manufactured kitchen and bath products combined with outstanding services for a high-value blend, which is hard to find in the customer service void we have come to expect. Our mission is to have every customer say, “It Was Worth Every Cent.” Established in 1986, delocon Wholesale Inc., worked primarily to service Home Centers, Kitchen & Bath Dealers, and Contractors. Our business has grown to exceed our goals each and every year. We believe that through hard work staying focused on high-value products and services, we will continue to dominate our target markets. In 2001, we began to approach the retail market. Concentrating within a 100 mile radius of our factory, which is located in Springville, New York, we now offer our products to retail consumers.